Coin Street

The Green Room

The Green Room Café is a single storey new build structure that services a wine bar and restaurant for The National Theatre. This project involved the construction of the single storey glazed curtain wall restaurant.

The inside structure consists of recycled granite set stone columns with a polished concrete floor. The walls are clad with birch faced ply and the roof space is spanned by glulam beams and the worktops are finished zinc. The structure comprises of mass pour concrete foundations which incorporate underground drainage and a reinforced concrete ground floor slab. The upright structure consists of a structural steel frame with the horizontal members being formed using structural timber glulam beams. The vertical infill was taken up by the use of structural timber and glass curtain wall system and the roof was a mixture of a single ply membrane system and zinc, which brought character to the finish. The inside brought together the use of recycled granite sets with fair faced beach ply as well as zinc again for bar area and worktops. One of the finest features which gives the whole space a contemporary feel is the concrete floor, which is throughout the public facing space.