Battersea Arts Centre

Lavender Hill New Build

Battersea Arts Centre is a revenue funded arts organisation housed in Battersea Old Town Hall. The upper parts of the Grand Hall building were largely destroyed by fire, with significant damage to the lower levels. The vision for the redevelopment project is that it will recreate the Grand Hall as a space which honours the multipurpose original intentions. The works being undertaken are being carried out over two phases to achieve the optimum programme duration.

A summary of the spaces and key features we are creating are as follows:

Flexible space for performance, ceremony and debate
Space appropriate for a range of existing events including weddings, beer festivals, fairs and exhibitions. Suitable for new types of uses such as concerts, gigs and rehearsals
Technical infrastructure that improves the speed and efficiency of moving between different types of uses
Added capacity and facilities in the dressing room areas

Start-up hub for creative industries and enterprises
Social space with reception desk and associated facilities
Providing ventilation to the workspaces

Improved accessibility to all entrances to the building
Outdoor spaces that are pleasant to use
Planting to the road and pavement where possible